Agents FAQs

What is the standard agency licensing procedure needed to do business with Beacon Mutual?

Contact our Corporate Legal Department at 401-825-2694 or 401-825-2693. This procedure includes providing the following:

1. Current RI P&C license, resident or non-resident
2. Beacon Producer Application
3. Completed W9 form
4. Current E&O Dec page
5. Completed Beaconnect form

The name and tax ID number on all of the above items must be identical, as this is how commissions will be paid and policies will be read.

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Will Beacon provide a quote over the phone?

No. Determining the correct job classifications and rates for premium calculation is not as simple as it sounds. Jobs that appear to be similar may be considered different for classification purposes. Our underwriters will review the operations carefully to make sure the proper rates are applied. Completion of an application is necessary. In addition, Beacon Mutual has an agency online quoting system which will allow your agency to obtain a “Quick Quote” with entry of limited information to get a sense of price range, as well as to bind coverage. The online quoting system and details pertaining to the process are available by logging in to our secure web portal, Beaconnect​.

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What type of application does Beacon accept?

Beacon will accept applications filed on the standard Acord application. It is critical all information is included on the application in order to bind coverage. A cover letter explaining the account, along with prior loss history (loss run information) is also desired. Incomplete applications or submissions are subject to declination if pertinent underwriting information is not received within 7 business days of submission.

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What are the costs associated with Loss Prevention and Claims Services?

All Loss Prevention and Claims services are provided free of charge with the policy. Please contact​ our Loss Prevention or Claims departments for assistance.

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Who is responsible for Subcontracting Arrangements?

The principal contractor is liable for injuries to uninsured subcontractors' employees.

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