Become an Approved Agency

In order to be appointed a producer with Beacon, contact our Corporate Legal Department at 401-825-2694 or 401-825-2693. The following items will be required to complete this procedure: 
  1. Current RI P&C license, resident or non-resident

  2. Beacon Producer Application Form, see the Agents Forms

  3. Completed W9 form

  4. Current Errors & Omissions Coverage
    in the amount of $1,000,000 (Declaration page)

  5. Completed Beaconnect Registration Form, see the Agents Forms

  6. Send all documents and completed forms (license, Beacon Producer Application, W9, Errors & Omissions Coverage, and the BEACONNECT Registration Form) to: or fax to (401) 825-2778

The name and tax ID number on all of the above items must be identical, as this is how commissions will be paid and policies will be read.