Ergonomics Site Visit

What is an Ergonomics Site Visit...

What is an "Ergonomic Site Visit" and how does it help me?

Beacon Mutual realizes that being out of work can create financial pressures on an injured worker’s family. It is our philosophy to provide assistance that would allow an injured employee to return to work as soon as possible. 
One of the resources we provide are Ergonomic Consultants to help return you to productive employment be it either your regular job or modified duty. 
The first step in the process is for the consultant to schedule a visit to your employer. You may be asked to attend this visit to verify that we have an accurate description of your job duties. If you are not able to attend this visit the consultant will be observing another employee performing the same job duties. During this visit the consultant may also be observing, if you are able to attend, how you perform your job tasks. They may offer suggestions on small changes you could make to improve your body mechanics i.e.: proper lifting techniques etc. A follow up visit can be scheduled once you return to work to address any difficulties that you may be having.
The consultant will also be noting the different types of tools, equipment and materials that you come in contact with during the course of your job. This information will be included in a concise written job description that will be given to your physician. 
These ergonomic services are not limited strictly to employees that are out of work. Any injured worker experiencing discomfort due to their job is eligible to receive ergonomic assistance.